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In 1950, attorney William H. Wolf (1920-2011) opened a practice in Greenfield, Indiana. The Wolf family has served the community for more than sixty (60) years in matters that affect the family and small businesses. Today, attorney Sarah Wolf continues the practice, applying her decades of legal experience to every case she handles. She is joined by attorney Joseph Scott Wooldridge, who also holds an MBA with a focus on finance, and a Masters of Health Administration.

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"We help people who have been successful in life to preserve assets and plan intelligently for the future." - Attorney Sarah Wolf.

Areas of Focus

The Wolf Law Firm assists clients in a variety of legal matters:

  • Family law often involves issues that have emotional aspects as well as significant, long-term financial and legal ramifications. A dedicated divorce, child custody, or adoption lawyer endeavors to help clients find the best solutions, allowing them to move forward as positively as possible under challenging circumstances.
  • Estate planning is best done before a health crisis or other major life change. Clients whose lives are calm and stable are best able to establish a plan to protect assets through wills and trusts that will reflect their strongly held values and wishes. Probate is the process by which estates are settled after death, either with or without a will. Learn more about elder law.
  • Business law involves issues such as business organization, incorporation, mergers and acquisitions, and business litigation. An experienced business law attorney is well aware of best practices for keeping legal fees low while ensuring that desired outcomes are achieved.
  • Real estate law can involve purchase and sale agreements, lease contracts, and other transactions. An experienced real estate attorney can help purchasers and sellers of residential or commercial property review agreements so they understand all legal ramifications of the agreements.
  • Health care law applies to licensed health care providers, including physicians, dentists, optometrists, chiropractors, and others. Attorney Wooldridge represents clients in matters involving licensing and regulatory matters, business partnerships, commercial leases, and other employment and business matters.
  • Criminal defense matters should be addressed as early as possible. If you have been charged with a crime, schedule a consultation with a lawyer to discuss your legal options.

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